Do Your Part

We are in the middle of a pandemic and while there are a lot of responsible people heeding the advice of health officials there are unfortunately also a lot of people showing a blatant disregard for others. Whether it’s ignorance about why it’s so crucial to flatten the curve or just plain selfishness it needs to stop.

Everybody needs to do their part right now. Stop going to crowded public places. Stop shopping for non-essentials (clothing, electronics, beauty supplies and furniture are non-essentials people!). If you WANT something, but don’t actually NEED it right now then hold off on going out to get it.

The complete disregard of serious warnings about covid-19 we’re seeing from a lot of people right now is similar to the disregard people have for their health – they can’t see the immediate consequences of their diet and lifestyle and think that they’re invincible, that it won’t affect them or their families.

Until it eventually does.

Except in this case it won’t take years to see the consequences, and those consequences are not limited to ourselves and our families. Yes, it absolutely SUCKS to cancel plans ranging from vacations to weddings but they can always be postponed to a later date.

They’re not worth the risk.

Our choices at this time affect EVERYONE so please follow the guidelines for the sake of humanity. Heed the warnings of health officials and do your part. Cancel play dates, cook your own food at home, and before going out to purchase something, stop and think: do I really NEED this right now?

And please stop hoarding. It’s not necessary and it’s making it difficult for people who really need certain items to find them. Stores are not running out of toilet paper and other supplies because of a supply issue, the problem is hoarders who don’t leave any for the rest of us. The supply chain is just fine.

Stay home and spend time with your family. Read those books you’ve been meaning to read. Finish that project you never got time to complete. Deep clean your house. Use YouTube to learn how to do something you’ve always wanted to do. Learn to cook new recipes. Boost your immune system in case you do get exposed to covid-19.

Take care of yourself, and take care of those around you by limiting your exposure to other people.

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