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Hi! My name is Kiran and I’m a Plant-BasedHolistic Nutritionist.  I help women and kids leverage the power of plants to address the root cause of symptoms so they can truly thrive!

My daughter is my inspiration and motivation to educate people (especially moms) about the impact nutrition has on physical and mental health.  Her early gut issues were the catalyst that motivated me to go back to school to study nutrition to help her, and in the process I ended up overcoming my own chronic symptoms and I now help others do the same.  

Chronic symptoms are so common these days that we’ve accepted them as normal.  But I’m here to tell you that they’re NOT normal! Nutrition and lifestyle are key factors in unwanted symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux, chronic bloating, chronic stomach aches, fatigue, brain fog, recurrent rashes, allergies, hayfever, asthma, sleep disturbances, frequent colds and infections, ADHD, anxiety, depression, behavioural issues, and more!  Even if these issues run in your family, diet and lifestyle changes can still make a big impact on reducing or possibly even eliminating symptoms.  

With a Bachelor’s degree in science and training in both holistic and functional nutrition, I take an evidence-based approach to helping my clients get rid of their symptoms.    

I specialize in plant-based nutrition for both women and children; however, I help all eaters including omnivores.  My goal is to help as many families as possible learn how to not just survive but truly THRIVE!  

I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada but I work remotely with people all over the world through telehealth.  If you’d like to learn more about how nutrition counselling can improve your (or your child’s) quality of life, then click here to book a free 20 minute discovery call.  

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